Robust and Tiny by Design

For the first time, left atrial pressure readings are attainable at home with the V-LAP, the world’s first in-heart sensor.

Robust and Tiny by Design

For the first time, left atrial pressure readings are attainable at home with the V-LAP, the world’s first in-heart sensor.


A Sensory Implant with Unprecedented Capabilities

The V-LAP is a miniature, wireless, and battery-free microcomputer that rests directly on the heart’s interatrial septum. V-LAP’s patented sensory implant provides unprecedented, precise pressure readings by utilizing our proprietary ASIC Chip and MEMS.

  • Safe

    The implant is delivered in a standard, minimally-invasive catheterization procedure.

  • User-Friendly

    Patients can monitor their in-heart data at the press of a button.

  • Accurate

    Digital high-resolution data from the heart is sent securely to the cloud.

The Portable Belt

The V-LAP solution includes a personal, home-based processing and communication system that allows heart failure patients to independently monitor their own disease. To operate the system, patients put on a light belt that induces power to the implant, wirelessly syncs with it and transmits its monitored data automatically to a cloud-based system. The medical team is then able to access the data, analyze the readings and use the information as the basis for optimal personalized treatment.

  • Comfort

    Measurements take just a minute and can be carried out anytime, anywhere.

  • Communication

    V-LAP’s core wireless technology communicates up to 30cm inside the body.

  • Implant Powering

    The belt induces power to the battery-free sensory implant via induction technology.

AI-Enhanced Web Interface

Vectorious provides a decision support system that the medical team can use to help them stabilize heart failure patients based on ongoing monitoring of the patient’s heart condition. The system provides preventative analysis of heart anomalies using proprietary algorithms and generates actionable recommendations to both the patient and the healthcare provider.

  • History

    All data is captured and stored, allowing physicians to review patient reports.

  • Pattern Recognition

    Using a wealth of analysis, Vectorious detects and learns from real-life events.

  • Preventative Measures

    By measuring left atrial pressure waves, physicians are able to detect potential risks before they occur.

Scalable technology

Fully scalable, the V-LAP system offers additional medical technology enhancing capabilities with the most minimal efforts. By virtue of being in the patient’s heart – literally – Vectorious can monitor and detect other pathologies, such as MR and atrial fibrillation. This technology is also being applied to other MedTech areas in an effort to provide key enhancements to other smart digital therapeutic devices in the future.

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