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Our story begins with a meeting back in 2011 between the founders, Oren Goldshtein and Dr. Eyal Orion, MD. The two of them identified the existing heart failure management as a clear unmet clinical need and tried to imagine the next stage of implantable hemodynamic monitoring, without limiting themselves with technological and medical constraints. At that time, the only way to really understand what was happening in the patient’s heart was to insert a catheter with a pressure sensing tip inside a hospital environment, which proved costly and impractical.

What if there is a way to harness technology so that we can have the most accurate and specific physiological indication available daily and remotely at home?

Utilizing and weaving together their professional backgrounds, they conceived of the V-LAP to remotely monitor the heart’s left atrial pressure. With this foresight, our team understands the power of bringing digitally generated data from the heart and using data analysis to improve treatment decisions and outcomes for patients suffering from heart failure.

Fast forward to the present day, and Vectorious’ team has successfully implanted in-heart micro computers in multiple countries across Europe and Israel. Our clinical study has been demonstrated huge potential in helping millions of people living with heart failure to take control and manage their disease, keeping them stable, out of hospitals, and living longer, fuller lives.

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