New Hope for Heart Failure Patients

Patients can prevent hospital readmissions and gain a higher quality of life with the tap of a button.

Supervised Self-Management in a Heartbeat

Daily monitoring with the V-LAP Belt takes only one minute a day. Heart pressure data is automatically synced into the patient app, enabling patients to take an active role in managing their disease. Readings can take place anywhere so the patient can maintain a normal life.

Computer in the heart in 6 minutes

Watch the story of Andrew, a grandfather of seven, from Cornwall, England.
After struggling with heart failure for many years, he now has new hope for a better life.
BBC Click, February 2020

How it works

Get the Highest Standard of Treatment

Optimal Treatment

Have a better quality of life and avoid hospital readmissions by receiving the world’s most advanced treatment for heart failure.

Self-manage Your Disease

Track your heart’s pressure readings via the V-LAP app and get alerts and reminders to adjust medications when your pressure is out of the optimal range.

Personalized User Experience

Take measurements of your heart’s left atrial pressure in only one minute a day, anytime and anywhere.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Your physician keeps an eye on your condition and contacts you when it’s required.

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