New Hope for Heart Failure Patients

Patients can prevent hospital readmissions and gain a higher quality of life with the tap of a button.

Supervised Self-Management in a Heartbeat

Daily monitoring with the Vectorious V-LAP takes only one minute, enabling physicians to curb heart failure progress by adjusting a medication regimen more precisely. Monitoring can take place anywhere, enabling the patient to maintain a normal life.

Micro-computer in the heart in 6 minutes

Watch the story of the first man to carry a micro-computer in his heart from Frankfurt, Germany.
(German TV, Jan 2019)

How it works

Get the Highest Standard of Treatment

Optimal Treatment

Improve the quality of life and avoid hospital readmissions, by receiving the world’s most advanced treatment for heart failure.

Self-manage Your Disease

Syncs the heart’s left atrial pressure in only one minute that can be done easily, anytime and anywhere.

Quick Procedure

The V-LAP device is inserted via a standard, minimally-invasive catheterization procedure that takes only a few minutes to complete.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Transmits data daily with no need to visit the doctor. The physician keeps an eye on your condition and lets you know if there is a need to adjust your medications.

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