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Transforming Heart Failure Treatment

With the world’s first in-heart microcomputer

Going to the Heart of the Issue

Every year, millions of adults worldwide are diagnosed with heart failure. Vectorious’ V-LAP, the world’s first direct heart pressure monitor located on the heart’s left atrium, is allowing physicians to get unprecedented access to the earliest indication of heart pressure changes before the patient feels any symptoms, in order to manage the disease and to live a better life.

Earliest Detection Based on Direct Left Atrial Pressure Measurement

Using cutting-edge technology, the V-LAP monitors the pressure in the heart's left atrium (LAP). This allows physicians to make informed decisions and to provide their patients with better treatment based on real-time clinical data and powerful AI algorithms.

Smarter Treatment Leading to Better Quality of Life

The V-LAP monitors the patient’s in-heart pressure on a daily basis. The physician uses the accurate data to adjust medication, preventing further degradation and avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations.

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