Vectorious wins Horizon 2020 grant of € 1.8M

Keren Raiten

April 30, 2018

Vectorious Medical Technologies has been awarded an SME Instrument Phase 2 grant of €1.8 million under grant agreement No. 811765.

The SME Instrument is a programme under the Horizon 2020 framework run by the EASME, the European Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

Vectorious’ system – the V-LAP™

Vectorious’ V-LAP™ system is the first in-heart microcomputer, enabling optimal management of chronic heart diseases.

The V-LAP provides direct, daily Left Atrial Pressure (LAP) monitoring, the most accurate and specific physiological indication of heart failure deterioration. Based on left atrial pressure readings, Vectorious provides AI-based decision-making solutions, and in addition diagnosis of other cardiac pathologies by running machine learning on the left atrial pressure waveform.

Starting date: April 1, 2018

Duration: 24 months