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Field Application Engineer (FAE) team lead

Tel Aviv

Vectorious Medical Technologies, a successful fast-paced Tel-Aviv based medical-device startup, is looking for a Team Leader to its Field Application Engineer (FAE) team.

Vectorious’ product incorporates highly technological components including an active sensory implant, a home-based electronic unit and a remote patient management unit. The team leader will manage a team that provides technical support on sites (hospitals) and will directly interface with the users - both medical teams and patients and will take an active part in the company’s clinical trials in Europe and the US. 


  • Managing the support team in a globally deployed situation and a flexible environment.
  •  Design and reviewing the training material involved in the medical team and patient training, and will provide field training to the users.
  •  Support Vectorious in the field (clinical trial) during device implantation, patient’s discharge and follow ups.
  • Troubleshooting system applications and providing failure analyses.
  • Obtaining accurate information of application usage, system operations, and product management
  • Collaborating with the company’s clinical team
  •  Coordinating with the project management team for overall analysis 


  •  Bachelor’s degree in Electrical/bio-medical Engineering.
  • Availability to a week and a half of travelling abroad per month
  • 2 years’ experience as a team leader.
  • Great human skills and compassion
  • Good hand's on abilities (both mechanical and electrical) 
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