Vectorious on MedTech Strategist’s July edition: “Guiding Heart Failure Treatment with an In-Heart Left Atrial Pressure Monitor”

Keren Raiten

July 25, 2019

Vectorious is proud to be included in the MedTech Strategist (Vol. 6, No. 11 – July 25, 2019) as one of the “Startups to Watch” in the field of heart failure. The article tells the story of Vectorious from its early days and the background of its foundation by Oren Goldshtien and Eyal Orion, MD.

It sheds new light on how Vectorious – one of several companies offering implantable heart failure monitors – had the foresight to see that reading left atrial pressure with digital technology will improve treatment decisions and outcomes.

In the article, Vectorious’ CEO, Oren Goldshtein answers the question that many people in the medical community have been asking: Will heart failure be the next growth market in trans-catheter structural heart:

“Attaching Vectorious’ digital monitor to the heart’s septum won’t impede or block most common trans-septal procedures, such as ablation, valve repair, left atrial appendage closure, and septal occluders”, Goldshtein says.

The device might even serve as a marker useful for guiding clinicians doing other procedures in the heart, he asserts. But the V-LAP monitor does occupy the same position as the shunt devices that are emerging as a therapy for heart failure, particularly for patents with the type of heart failure known as HFpEF [Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction]. The role for these new shunt devices hasn’t yet been defined – developers of the new implants have yet to provide substantial efficacy data. But even if shunts do become widely used, Goldshtein believes Vectorious is well-positioned.

“It would be simple for us to develop a device that is basically a shunt, in which we can embed our monitor. But it will be very difficult for a shunt company to develop the electronics that can communicate from the sensor to the external wall”

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